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Product Name Category Description Price
10 x 10 Tent Tents 10ft x 10ft Tent TT$150.00
10ft Sidewall Sidewalls 10ft Wide Sidewall TT$30.00
10ft Sidewall with Window Sidewalls 10ft Wide Sidewall with Window TT$50.00
10 x 10 Marquee Tents 10ft x 10ft Marquee (High Peak) Tent TT$400.00
10 x 20 Tent Tents 10ft x 20ft Tent TT$300.00
12 x 12 Tent Tents 12ft x 12ft Tent TT$175.00
15ft Sidewall Sidewalls 15ft Plain Sidewall TT$40.00
15ft Sidewall with Windows Sidewalls 15ft wide sidewall with windows TT$75.00
15 x 15 Tent Tents 15ft x 15ft Tent TT$200.00
15 x 15 Marquee Tents 15ft x 15ft Marquee (High Peak) Tent TT$500.00
20ft Sidewall Sidewalls Plain 20ft Sidewal TT$50.00
20ft Sidewall with Windows Sidewalls 20ft Wide Sidewall with 2 windows TT$100.00
20 x 20 Tent Tents 20ft x 20ft Tent TT$300.00
20 x 20 Marquee Tents 20ft x 20ft Marquee (High Peak) Tent TT$700.00
Basketball Game Party TT$800.00
Bouncy Castle Party TT$250.00
Cotton Candy Food TT$5.00
Dunk Tank Party TT$1,000.00
Plastic Folding Chairs Chairs Plastic Folding Chair with Metal Frame TT$3.00
Golf Party  Minature Golf set TT$2,300.00
Gutter Tents 20ft Gutter TT$25.00
Half Drums Party TT$15.00
5ft Round Tables Tables TT$40.00
5ft Round Tablecloths Linens TT$30.00
6ft Round Tables Tables TT$50.00
Padded Chairs Chairs TT$6.00
Palm Plants Plants Palm Plants TT$40.00
Popcorn Food TT$5.00
Rectangular Table Tables 30″ x 72″ Rectangular Table TT$20.00
Rectangle tablecloths Linens TT$10.00
Rock Wall Party TT$800.00
Small Round Table Tables 3ft Round Table TT$15.00
Small Round tablecloths Linens TT$15.00
Snow Cone Food TT$5.00
Portable Toilets Toilet Rental Unit TT$250.00



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