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Another route to ownership

New to rent to own? Wondering how this whole thing works? It’s actually pretty simple.

Ensphere’s rent to own system was designed for the small business person who desired to get a tent to enhance their operations, but didn’t have the upfront capital to purchase outright. We’ve decided to make this facility available to everyone. If you’re in the market for new frame tent, rent to own is a great option that allows you to avoid large upfront payments by making affordable weekly payments instead. And once all of your payments are made, you Own It.

  • Step 1: Shop
    Our frame tents are quality. View our merchandise and pick a size!
  • Step 2: Submit
    Complete our ‘Contact Us’ form for approval by providing the requested information
    Here’s what you should have ready to go to to make checkout a smooth process:
    Full Name
    Current Address
    Phone contact
    Utility bill in your name
    Government Issued ID
    Employer Contact Information
    References Contact Information (Phone & Address)
  • Step 3: Schedule
    Once you’ve been approved and sign your agreement, get ready – you’re almost there! We’ll negotiate the details for delivery and then drop off and set up your new tent.
  • Step 4: Smile
    You’re guaranteed to be happy with your new tent. Now that your product is operational, you’ll start making your weekly payments. Once all of your payments are fulfilled, the product is yours forever. It’s really that easy.






Rent to Own Packages

Tent Size Downpayment 3 Weekly Payments Total
10×10 $1,000.00 $500.00 $2,500.00
12×12 $1,200.00 $600.00 $3,000.00
15×15 $1,400.00 $800.00 $3,800.00
10×20 $1,750.00 $700.00 $3,850.00
20×20 $2,100.00 $1,200.00 $5,700.00

Order Now

All prices in TTD

The advertised transaction is a rental-purchase agreement (rent-to-own agreement). You will not own the merchandise until the total amount necessary to acquire ownership is paid in full. Ownership is optional. Our rent to own agreement applies to complete tent packages only and does not apply to custom tents.

“No credit needed” does not mean or imply that no inquiry will be made of credit history or creditworthiness. We may check past transactional history. Rental agreement requires, at minimum, verification of residence, income, and 4 personal references.

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