Terms And Conditions

Ensphere Event Solutions
Rental Agreement Terms And Conditions

  • Ensphere Event Solutions shall mean the Lessor, its owners, directors, and employees;
  • Lessee shall mean Customers, guests/visitors of customer, and their agents, contractors and/or employees.
  • Rental Agreement shall mean the itemized list of items contained in the electronic quotation or invoice emailed to the Customer, who by virtue of having signed the quotation or invoice, and/or paid an advance deposit or in full, expresses his or her agreement with the contents of the Quotation or Invoice.
  1. Reserving Equipment: Quotes and proposals do not guarantee availability of rental equipment. Rental items will be reserved only upon receipt of a signed rental agreement and 25% deposit. All reserved equipment is subject to a maximum 25% cancellation fee:
    • Within 7 days from event date: 25%; more than 7 days from event date: 10%
  2. Final Payment: Full payment is due 1day prior to event unless otherwise approved in writing by Ensphere Event Solutions. No orders will be scheduled for delivery until full payment is received except with pre-approved credit. Any outstanding balance remaining longer than 30 days will be subject to a 5% added charge on the remaining balance per month, until final payment is provided by Lessee.
  3. A refundable deposit may be required by Ensphere Event Solutions where applicable which is held by us in the event of any damage or loss of rental items.
  4. The lessee accepts responsibility and agrees to absorb all replacement or restoration costs incurred for loss or damage to rental goods in case of fire, theft, wind, rain or other hazards regardless of case.
  5. Goods on this rental are accepted as being in good condition and all adjustments will be made on this basis.
  6. The lessee is not entitled to dismantle the equipment or interfere with any part thereof, and shall assume full damage to the equipment or injury to persons or property caused by this action.
  7. The moving of tents is not permitted unless done by Ensphere Event Solutions crew members or supervised by Ensphere Event Solutions personnel. Ensphere Event Solutions by the time of delivery to time of pick up of rental goods is not liable for injuries or damage to persons or property caused by fire, lightening, windstorm, rain, explosion, riots, vandalism and mischief, sabotage, falling objects, vehicle running on tracks or land, smoke, earthquake, flood, hostile or warlike actions or similar perils including any and all acts of God and manmade or however may be caused. All responsibilities for such damage are to be borne by the lessee.
  8. Your liability does not cease until any and all merchandise is returned to us.
  9. Ensphere Event Solutions will not be liable for any delay in the performance of this agreement or in the delivery or installation of items sent forth herein, or for any inconveniences suffered by the lessee by reason of such delay caused by natural disasters, transport action delays or any other causes beyond its control.
  10. The lessee is responsible for all property and liability insurance also public liability insurance on rental equipment from installation through removal.
  11. The lessee shall use the equipment in a very careful and proper manner and comply with all rules and regulations. The equipment should not be exposed to open flames and shall not be used for preparation of any food stuff involving fire, heat and gas.
  12. Ensphere Event Solutions shall have access to and the right to use lessee electrical power line for installation and operation of rental equipment. Ensphere Event Solutions shall, at any time be entitled to enter the premises for the purpose of inspecting the rental equipment or observing the same.
  13. The lessee is responsible for obtaining all permits and licenses from the relevant government agencies where applicable.
  14. Ensphere Event Solutions reserves the right to dismantle and remove the equipment from the site if any of the terms, conditions or provisions set out in this contract is not strictly adhered to, even if lessee sub-rents to another entity.
  15. The lessee is subjected to an additional charge if the lessee fails to make equipment available for pick up at specified time.
  16. The lessee is to provide a copy of I.D., registration number of vehicle and name of driver collecting the lessee’s rental equipment. This is extremely important in order to prevent theft by other companies or rental agencies posing as authorized Ensphere Event Solutions representatives.
  17. Any rental item lost, stolen, or damaged must be fully paid for by the lessee within one week. If not, the cost of loss of each day rental will be charged until full payment is settled.
  18. All goods ordered and delivered to the lessee must be paid for whether the rental equipment is used or not.
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